Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes

Therapy For Diabetes min

The achievements stem cell therapy has made to date in the treatment of diabetes are monumental. This article describes the different ways of producing pancreatic islets using different types of stem cells. In the future, it could lead to an effective and efficient cure for diabetes using these stem cell technologies. What is Diabetes? Diabetes […]

What Is Gene Therapy and How Does It Work?

Gene Therapy.jpg

Gene therapy is a type of medical treatment that involves the introduction of genetic material into the body to treat or prevent disease. It is a relatively new form of treatment that is being developed to treat a wide range of diseases including cancer. In this blog, we will discuss what gene therapy is and […]

The Benefits of Somatic Genomic Testing for Diabetes Treatment 

Diabetes Treatment

For those living with diabetes, treatment options have traditionally been limited. But with the advent of somatic genomic testing, the possibilities for treating diabetes have been expanded. In this article, we will explain what somatic genomic testing is and how it can be used for diabetes treatment. We will also explore the potential benefits of […]

What are the 10 Therapies to Heal Autoimmune Diseases in India? 

What are the 10 therapies to heal autoimmune diseases in India. 0A

Autoimmune diseases are becoming increasingly common in India, affecting millions of people across the country. With the prevalence of autoimmune diseases rising, it is important to have a range of therapies available to manage and heal these conditions. In this blog, we look at 10 therapies to heal autoimmune diseases in India.  Stemcell Therapy  The […]

Future of Hair Growth Using Stem Cells

Future of Hair Growth Using Stem Cells.jpg

In today’s world, hair is not only considered part of our body and also a part of our style and value. Modern society has developed loathe towards men without hair and more often individuals are ill-treated and misjudged. Balding even affects one’s self-esteem, psychological well-being, and quality of life.  In general, every individual loses nearly […]

How to Choose the Right Physiotherapists for Your Needs

How to Choose the Right Physiotherapists for Your Needs.jpg

Neuro physiotherapy is largely a non-chemical procedure through which mobility and function disorders can be improved. Many small to highly complex issues such as muscular weakness, lack of balance, severe injuries, special and tremors, loss of function, and even Parkinson’s disease can be treated using this procedure. Neuro physiotherapy in India is not only an […]

Stem Cells- Rejuvenation and Anti-aging Effects

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Stem cells behold numerous uses due to its ability to change into any body cell. The extent of this also covers the rejuvenation of skin cells or the dermis and epidermis layers of skin, giving stem cells a property of anti-aging. Stem cell transplants, therapy, and supplements have dominated cosmetic marketing with a 20% ratio, […]

Stem Cell Therapy for Ortho Arthritis: Everything You Need to Know

examining sample with microscope scaled.jpg

Stem cell therapy is nothing short of a next-generation medical intervention that can change the lives of millions of people across the world. India is slowly rising as a pioneer in regenerative therapy research, and stem cell therapy for ortho arthritis is a revolution that is becoming a reality in the country. Stem cell therapy […]

Stem Cells- Rejuvenation and Anti-aging Effects

26462What is stem cell therapy and how does it work 1.jpg

We all go through the dynamic biological ageing with each second of our lives. It is something that cannot be hampered at any cost. Ageing is characterized as deterioration in the functioning of cells or deprivation of efficient cell replication and as the stem cells are the building blocks for the amendment of old and […]

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