Stem Cell Therapy for Ortho Arthritis: Everything You Need to Know

Stem cell therapy is nothing short of a next-generation medical intervention that can change the lives of millions of people across the world.

India is slowly rising as a pioneer in regenerative therapy research, and stem cell therapy for ortho arthritis is a revolution that is becoming a reality in the country. Stem cell therapy in India costs 1/4th of what it can cost in European or North American countries. 

Stem Cell Therapy: A renewed hope

  • Patients with medically rejected conditions can now find hope with Stem cells, the mother of all cells; they can challenge the ineffective factory producing damaged cells and repair them at a cellular level.
  • Stem cell therapy for the treatment of arthritis, all neuromusculoskeletal and stem cell therapy for treatment of autism in India is more than just cost-effective.
  • There are many ways to arrange for grants and remissions for stem cell therapy for patients who are not financially equipped for the procedure.

What is Ortho Arthritis?

Ortho Arthritis or osteoarthritis is a permanent and progressive disorder that affects the bone joints in the hands, knees, hips and spine. Even if its progression is slowed through medication and a great lifestyle, the damage already done cannot be reversed.

How is Ortho Arthritis caused?

Ortho Arthritis is caused when the cartilage that fills the gaps between the bones in a joint wears down. This is why patients experience such excruciating pain. Slowly, the bones themselves start wearing, and thus a vicious chain of pain and damage begins.

Therefore, it is very important to diagnose osteoarthritis in its initial stages and help the patient receive proper medication in due time while also adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

It is almost a miracle how a few of the research centres providing the best stem cell therapy for arthritis in India have now come up with ways to regrow the damaged joints so that what was irreversible in the past can slowly become a disease that can be fully cured.

How can Stem Cells be used for the treatment of Ortho arthritis?

Stem cells are capable of a high level of duplication. This means they can even develop into neurons or blood cells.

  • In the case of ortho arthritis, doctors isolate stem cells from the patient’s own body or from a donor that matches the patient.
  • Stem cells are processed in the laboratory and prepared for their main task – entering the human body and regenerating damaged cells.
  • Doctors inject stem cells in the area required in the body of the patient.

Why Choose Stem Cell Therapy for Your Ortho Arthritis in India? 

  • Stem cell therapy is one of the least invasive procedures for ortho arthritis in its advanced stages. 
  • This procedure can heal bone structures at the foundational level.
  • Although the recovery is long drawn, it is usually painless and going back to everyday life takes a much shorter time after a stem cell treatment.
  • Stem cell therapy in India today is cost-effective and has very high rates of success.

Stem cell therapy for Ortho arthritis in India is carried out by trained medical specialists who have been working in this field for decades. Stemcelline is one such leading research center in regenerative therapy that has successfully restored the health of many patients globally and is also an equally tough contestant for the title of the best autism treatment center on the continent.

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