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Our Pillar of Strength

Stemcelline’s founding father and greatest pillar of strength, Dr Shouvik Pine, is a well-known Stem cell Scientist and Physician with a specialisation in research of stem-cellular products and regenerative medicine. With a considerable wealth of experience in curing more than 200 neurological and osteological diseases, in his professional endeavour as a medical practitioner in the Middle East, England and India, Dr Shouvik Pine is knowledgeable about the medical trends in advanced international healthcares. 

After completing his education and extensive research in regenerative medicine at the University of Sheffield in England, Dr Shouvik Pine, laid the foundations of Stemcelline to achieve his long-time dream of bringing miraculous benefits of regenerative stem therapy to India. 

With extensive knowledge, insight and years of practice in regenerative medicine, Dr Shouvik Pine developed Stemcelline into one of the most trusted names in stem cell therapy worldwide. Today, Stemcelline has expanded into a multi-service company, spreading out its branches to various domains such as medical assistance, research, consultation, education, and rehabilitation.

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On A Mission to Build a Healthy Tomorrow

Stemcelline is one of the most trusted research and cellular bio-medical service centre in the world, specialising in advanced medication that is outside the scope of conventional medical science.

On a mission to provide the best healthcare services for all, Stemcelline has specialised in Stem Cell Biotechnology, providing solutions for every degenerative, autoimmune and hereditary disease. With the help of certified medical practitioners and experienced doctors in the field, we strive to bring the revolutionary benefits of stem cell therapy in India and abroad. 

Working closely with Government of India, our stem cell laboratories function to research the limitless possibilities of regenerative cells in advanced medication that opens the door to infinite discoveries for miraculous medical treatment in future. With an extensive network of scientists and research scholars from top international universities like Sheffield and Oxford, 
Stemcelline’s laboratories produce the best clinically tested, cruelty-free and sustainable stem cell products through the most efficient and eco-friendly procedures.

Our care and concern for patients worldwide, irrespective of the nature and complexity of their medical condition, is one of our greatest specialities. More than anything, we try to understand the medical and emotional requirements of patients, before directing them to the best healthcare speciality. Hence we guarantee complete guidance to our clients from the time of application until they are back to their daily lives. From free consultations to targeted rehabilitation therapy, our services cover everything to meet our client’s expectations. With a carefully curated personalised medical plan for each patient, we assist them throughout their journey, helping them with the much-required medical support at every stage of their treatment.

With international research facilities and medical expertise, we guarantee the best results

Stemcelline is built on the strong grounds of advanced medical knowledge and research in regenerative cell therapy. Our research scholars from top world universities like Sheffield and Oxford work at Stemcelline laboratories to study and investigate the miraculous benefits and properties of rejuvenating cells and produce sustainable, cruelty-free, non-profit services for qualified doctors, hospitals and patients.

Nurture the benefits of next-generation therapeutics within your budget

We aim to avail the miraculous benefits of regenerative cell therapy to all patients worldwide at a reasonable expenditure because we believe everyone deserves the best options when it comes to healthcare. Hence we have taken the revolutionary step to deliver cellular-based therapy sessions with the backup and expertise of international bio-medical scientists working in well-facilitated Stemcelline laboratories in India and abroad

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Employ the Possibilities of Advanced Regenerative Cellular Therapy Tension-free

With proper research and in-depth knowledge, we guarantee the safety and authenticity of this comparatively new yet highly promising medical practice with advanced technology. Over the years, Stemcelline has established its place in international medicine and healthcare by consistently offering the best results. With 15% higher success rates than our global competitors, we offer the most desired outcomes to the varying health conditions of our patients. Hence, Stemcelline is undoubted the most reputable brand in therapeutics and advanced medicine

Varied Diseases, Single Solution

Stemcelline offers solutions to a plethora of advanced medical conditions through a series of efficient next-generation regenerative therapeutics. The miraculous benefits of regenerative therapy are beyond the limitations of conventional medication. Hence when the possibilities of conventional medicine end, Stemcelline takes charge, providing medical assistance to conditions rejected by traditional medicine. Some of Stemcelline’s most treated diseases include .

Why Regenerative Cell Therapy?

Regenerative cell therapy is an advanced medical practice in which the stem cells of the donor or the patient are collected, tested and presented back to the patient to repair and rejuvenate the damaged tissues, helping them heal and recover from their medical condition. 

The unique biology of stem cells allows them to self-multiply into various types while preserving the characteristics of their parent cells to help repair, heal and rejuvenate damaged tissue. Depending upon the nature of regenerative cells, some have the potential to stop the immune responses while others specialise in the healing of damaged tissues. Therefore, regenerative cell therapy is the most effective treatment for auto-immune diseases and chronic disorders.

Since the regenerative self-healing cells are isolated from the patient’s own body before injecting them into the target organ, regenerative cell therapy guarantees 100% efficiency and sustainability in its practice.

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Some of the major ailments which might require stem cell therapy are spinal cord-related issues, neurological disorders, skeletal disabilities, and neuro-Musco-skeletal diseases. Widely, knee stem cell therapy i.e., regenerative cell therapy for the knee joint is used.

With the assistance of experienced stem cell scientists and next-generation laboratories, Stemcelline specialises in advanced stem cell therapy that includes –
1- Dendritic Cell Application-

The patient’s dendritic cells are trained to stimulate the immune system to destroy the tumour cells.

2- NK or Natural Killer Cell Application 

The natural killer cells are special regenerative cells of the immune system, capable of directly destroying malicious cells.  Through NK application, the NK cells are extracted from the patient/donor and reinjected back to the target area to destroy the tumour cells

3-Bio Cell Application-

Separates the patient’s platelets and plasma to develop more concentrated plasma products targeted back to the client’s body to repair and regenerate the disease cell 
4-Beta Cell Application –

Beta cells, responsible for the production of insulin in the body, are often destroyed by the immune system of patients with type 1 diabetes. During beta cell application, the healthy stem cells are isolated and cloned to produce beta cells that are reinjected into the patient’s body to maintain insulin levels.

Step by Step Process of Regenerative Cell Therapy

1- Isolation/Extraction  –

Isolation or extraction is the process of harvesting healthy regenerative cells of the patient or eligible donor. The cells are either taken from the blood or bone marrow. The harvested cells are transferred to a centrifuge, where the blood is separated to isolate the regenerative cells

2-Testing –

The isolated cells are tested in bio-medical laboratories before injecting into the target area. The characteristics of the regenerative cell are modified or enhanced to accelerate the healing process if required

3-Infusion –

Infusion is the process of reinjecting the healthy regenerative cells into the infected organ/tissue of the patient and takes around 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending upon the treatment.

4-Recovery –

Post infusion, the patient is under observation until the newly infused cells settle in the bone marrow and regenerate new healthy cells

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