Education / Hand on training

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Doctors are truly the saviours who help you get through the turbulent waters of life. Therefore Stemcelline makes sure that they are well trained to give you the best treatment


Our responsibilities are not limited to connecting you to the best doctors to cure your disease. We also play a significant role in making doctors and medical practitioners experts in the field of advanced regenerative stem cell clinical studies through certified courses and hands-on training programs. 


Stemcelline has the best educational institutes in the country, equipped with well-facilitated practical labs with qualified and experienced teaching staff to guide the doctors in subjects related to regenerative cell therapy. The following are the notable features of Stemcelline’s educational institutes.


  • Well-equipped practical labs
  • Qualified and experienced teaching staff
  • Hands-on training 
  • Diploma courses
  • International Conferences
  • Seminars and Webinars  
  • Practice-oriented course curriculum
  • Learning outcomes that meet the current industrial demands
  • Seminars and conferences on the advancements in the field of regenerative cell-based therapies
  • Well-researched study materials.


Periodic Conferences

Our extensive network of doctors, healthcare professionals and certified practitioners is constantly updated with the latest regenerative cell products, medicine and trends in modern therapy. Concerning this, Stemcelline conducts periodic conferences, seminars and webinars with the best research scholars, doctors and physicians all over the world to conduct healthy discussions on the latest technology, medication practice, inventions, and scope of Regenerative Cell therapy in modern medicine. 


Stemcelline also conducts educational conferences, seminars and webinars for doctors in India, spreading awareness about various advanced medication practices including regenerative cell therapy to keep them updated about the latest trends in international healthcare. 


Expert Guidance

Regenerative cell therapy is a relatively new medical practice, and its greater possibilities are yet to unravel. With the capacity to provide infinite prospects for every complex, degenerative and auto-immune disease, stem cell clinical study is an area that has to be studied and extensively researched. With an expert panel of research scholars and health professionals, Stemcelline delivers expert guidance to doctorsqualified medical practitioners and health organisations in  India and worldwide to set up individual stem cell laboratories.


With years of knowledge and experience in the field, Stemcelline delivers proper guidance and assistance at each step of setting up the stem cell laboratory. 


Stemcelline’s Consultancy Service Highlights

  • Guidance to purchase the latest Stem Cell Lab equipment
  • Expert advice in fixing the area of research, considering the international trends
  • Professional training and guidance to less experienced medical practitioners
  • Global assistance in Stem Cell Lab establishment
  • Professional help in the development and approval of Stem Cell laboratory
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