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The majority of MSC applications include the therapy of immune- and inflammation-mediated disorders as well as tissue degradation, with MSCs showing significant promise for the treatment of incurable diseases.

Stemcelline Vial - WJ- Exo

One of the subpopulations of EVs is referred to as "exosomes." Apoptotic bodies and microvesicles/shedding particles are the other two subpopulations (both larger than 100 nm). Exosomes are created when late endosomes, or so-called multivesicular structures, sprout intraluminal vesicles (ILVs) in their luminal region (MVBs).



Who stemcelline are

Who stemcelline are

STEMCELLINE is the leading research and medical centre in India focussing on regenerative medicine and cellular therapy. Rewrite your destiny with the unlimited therapeutic scope of Stemcelline using our highest graded adult stem cells and allergenic regenerative medicines processed in accordance with all the governmental guidelines such as CDSCO, GLP, and GMP. Our highly-advanced laboratories provide better success rate and superior quality autologous and allergenic stem cells compared to the other laboratories at an affordable price!

How are we different from others?

  • Highly Concentrated MSC
  • Improved results
  • No side effects
  • Ethical Method of preparation
  • Highly advanced laboratories
  • Utmost importance to patient safety and outcomes
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