Stem Cells- Rejuvenation and Anti-aging Effects

We all go through the dynamic biological ageing with each second of our lives. It is something that cannot be hampered at any cost. Ageing is characterized as deterioration in the functioning of cells or deprivation of efficient cell replication and as the stem cells are the building blocks for the amendment of old and damaged tissues, this leads to declination of the vital organs i.e. Kidney, liver, cardiac muscles, skin, lungs, etc. 

While there are numerous anti-ageing therapies, surgeries, and cosmetics available in the market, we need sustainably advanced and innovative medicine which does not have any significant side effects on the human body. Advancing towards the root cause is the most favourable and natural remedy to tackle any problem. Since the depletion in the rate of growth or renewal of stem cells leads to senescence, replenishing these will stump up flattering out-turn.

Mesenchymal stem cells(MSCs) are responsible for the skin’s replenishment and collagen production, which is essential for healthy skin. Thus infatuating skin with the MSC therapy rejuvenates the damaged cells at a recommendable speed, which ushers to healthy and glowing skin. The enhanced stimulation of collagen triggers the following outcomes:-

  • Reduced wrinkling
  • Tighter and firm skin
  • Banishing scars and blemishes
  • Regulate blood circulation
  • Helps in maintaining more energy level
  • Countering hair loss.
  • Even tone and reduced skin lines
  • Neck upliftment without any surgeries

Mesenchymal stem cells stabilize and improve the working of white blood cells which further are responsible for repairing the damaged tissues. The torn or scarred skin is mended swiftly, and the renewal of dead cells is accelerated. It also has an anti-inflammatory property as it boosts the working of

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