Stem Cells- Rejuvenation and Anti-aging Effects

Stem cells behold numerous uses due to its ability to change into any body cell. The extent of this also covers the rejuvenation of skin cells or the dermis and epidermis layers of skin, giving stem cells a property of anti-aging. Stem cell transplants, therapy, and supplements have dominated cosmetic marketing with a 20% ratio, ensuring promising outcomes. 

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We all go through dynamic biological ageing with each second of our lives. It is something that cannot be hampered at any cost. Ageing is characterized as deterioration in the functioning of cells or deprivation of efficient cell replication and as the stem cells are the building blocks for the amendment of old and damaged tissues, this leads to the decline of the vital organs i.e. Kidney, liver, and cardiac muscles, skin, lungs, etc. 

While there are numerous anti-ageing therapies, surgeries, and cosmetics available in the market, we need sustainably advanced and innovative medicine which does not have any significant side effects on the human body. Advancing towards the root cause is the most favourable and natural remedy to tackle any problem. Since the depletion in the rate of growth or renewal of stem cells leads to senescence, replenishing these will stump up flattering out-turn.

Mesenchymal stem cells(MSCs) are responsible for the skin’s replenishment and collagen production, which is essential for healthy skin. Thus infatuating skin with MSC therapy rejuvenates the damaged cells at a recommendable speed, which ushers to healthy and glowing skin. The enhanced stimulation of collagen triggers the following outcomes:-

Reduced wrinkling

Tighter and firm skin

Banishing scars and blemishes

Regulate blood circulation

Helps in maintaining more energy level

Countering hair loss.

Even tone and reduced skin lines

Neck upliftment without any surgeries

Mesenchymal stem cells stabilize and improve the working of white blood cells which further are responsible for repairing damaged tissues. The torn or scarred skin is mended swiftly, and the renewal of dead cells is accelerated. It also has an anti-inflammatory property as it boosts the working of the Macrophage, a kind of white blood cell that clears out allergens or any infectious particle and also reduces inflammation. 

The MSC+ cell therapy slows down the ageing process, elevates your mood, fastens the healing of worrisome injuries, and also gives relief for joint pains. You fall back 5-10 years from your current age. This is a not-so-popular treatment but helps you rejuvenate a healthy body and mind naturally without any nagging surgeries or different packs of products.

How is it done?

In this therapy, the body is supplied with an ample amount of stem cells, which not only covers the requirement of the body but also allows the body to proliferate cells rapidly and heal the cell cycle and damaged tissues to give the person glowing skin. The extracted stem cells are kept in a cryogenic form and sterilized and thawed to a suitable temperature before inducing into the body.

From where do we get Stem cells?

The mesenchymal stem cells are extracted from umbilical cord tissues or adult tissue as many stem cells can be found in specific parts of the adult body. Though MSCs extracted from the umbilical cord are younger and preferred for treating chronic diseases. In contrast, the cells extracted from the peripheral blood, adipose tissue, or dental pulp have to be analyzed to test the quality before using for therapeutic purposes. 

~https://rdcu.be/b9pMn, 2018

Varies from person to person

The duration and frequency of the therapy vary according to the underlying health issues, if any, present in the medical history of the client. The effect may also extend differently for each client as per the extent of damage done, the skin type, etc. The dosage diversifies, and so does the frequency. According to the records till now, the minimum period for the treatment is 3-4 weeks and not lesser than this. 

Due to the variability in the dosage and duration of the therapy according to the client’s health issues, the cost of the MSC treatment also gets proportional to time and medicine periodicity or any additional medication if prescribed. Nevertheless, different brands, hospitals, companies, etc., provide a range of packages, with additional personalizations. 

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