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Research & Development

Stemcelline is one of the most trusted research and cellular bio-medical service centre in the world, specialising in advanced medication that is outside the scope of conventional medical science.

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Bio-cellular Research

Exploring revolutionary advancements in bio-cellular research: unlocking nature's secrets for a healthier future.

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Flow Cytometry

Discovering cellular intricacies through precise analysis: delve into the world of flow cytometry's scientific wonders.

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Promising Results

Explore breakthroughs in stem cell therapies: pioneering treatments offering hope and transformative results for health.

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We will ensure you are getting The Best Service & Results

Mission: Providing best solutions for every degenerative, autoimmune and hereditary disease at an affordable price

Stemcelline is built on the strong grounds of advanced medical knowledge and research in regenerative cell therapy. We aim to avail the miraculous benefits of regenerative cell therapy to all patients worldwide.

  • Promising Results
  • 24/7 Services
  • Affordable Health Care
  • International research facilities and medical expertise.
Here’s what Stemcelline offers

Stemcelline: World-class labs, leading genetic engineering services for breakthroughs in biotechnology and healthcare.

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Educational / Hand On Training

Stemcelline prioritizes thorough training for doctors to ensure they provide optimal treatment and promote patient well-being effectively.
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Medical Assistance

Don’t Give Up On The Unpredictable Oceans. With Stemcelline, Fly Overseas And Come Back With Greater Strength To Fight The Waters!
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Consult The Best Doctors To Identify The Intricacies Of Your Medical Condition And Face The Mighty Ocean With Courage And Strength.
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Research And Development

Our Scholars Engage In Holistic Research Practices, Building Our Services On Scientific Quests So That You Can Trust The Quality Guaranteed.
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Rehabilitation Therapy

It’s time to swim beyond the horizon and move ahead of your destiny! Welcome a new life over any medical condition with the best rehabilitation therapy.
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Best Stemcell Products

Delve into top-tier stem cell products, tapping into regenerative medicine's potential to elevate well-being and advance health with innovative solutions.

Check Out Free Webinars by Experts at Stemcelline on Recent Advances Made by Our Team


Loved by Our Clients

Best research centre in India..all products are amazing and affordable..Highly recommended..!!
Anshika Gupta
Anshika Gupta
It’s unbelievable there Anti -Aging works extremely great…!!
Sumit Marwah
Sumit Marwah
Best stem cell centre in india. My aunty was suffering from atherities got cure. Thank you stemcelline
Kriti Gupta
Kriti Gupta
Got stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury for my aunt and continues to see progress in her health state. Received regenerative treatment, which included fat derived mesenchymal stem cells, natural growth factors. This is for 46 years old Spinal cord injury patient, she saw more than few improvements and is able to walk on her own now. Great results in her health. Thank you so much Stemcelline.
Legal Associate - Loyal hospitality
Legal Associate - Loyal hospitality
Good work Stemcelline. All the best.
Sandhya Mukherjee
Sandhya Mukherjee
Best in the industry. Great job stemcelline.
Parul Sharma
Parul Sharma
Best in the business and indeed the quality of product is unmatchable in the industry. Doing great work Stemcelline. Keep it up.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A: In most patients who underwent the therapy in clinical trials both in India and abroad, there were no visible side effects. However, based on the patient’s medical history, a few side effects like bruising, bleeding, and allergic reactions might occur.


A: As this new-age genetic therapeutic medicine varies from patient to patient, a standard price cannot be fixed. For most conditions, they proved to be affordable in India. They can range anywhere between 1250 USD and 30,000 USD. And some Indian hospitals in collaboration with the best stem cell research institute, Stemcelline, provide the best price.

A: Minimal manipulative stem cell treatment is legal in India. Minimal manipulation means those stem cells are taken from biological material with minimal manipulation in their genetic engineering. These stem cells aid in treating skin ulcers & arthritis and are considered highly safe for patients.


A: Regenerative therapy helps doctors and medical professionals to approach psychiatric disorders from a neurological perspective. By healing different areas of the CNS through regeneration, patients can be rewarded with a new life. Alzheimer’s patients have shown remarkable recovery after getting treated with regenerative therapies.


A: Genetic engineering can be used to treat most terminal and untreatable diseases. Some include spinal stenosis, traumatic bone injury, bone spurs, spondylosis, and leukemia.

A: Stem cell therapy is commercial in some parts of the world. It is popular because of the high success rate among patients. It can eradicate the problem at the root. Research institutes such as Stemceliine are conducting rigorous research to increase the effectiveness of stem cell products.

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