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Regenerative Hair Restoration Cream

Reverse the signs of baldness and regain your youthful look with our Regenerative hair restoration cream.

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Regenerative Hair Restoration Cream



Regenerative Hair Restoration Cream is an all-natural blend of organic ingredients that help you regrow your hair naturally. Its unique combination of ingredients promotes the growth of hair from the hair roots by increasing the count of healthy hair follicles and protecting your scalp as well.


Key Ingredients:

  • Regenerative Growth Factors formula –  an exclusive organic blend, that promotes the regeneration of hair follicles naturally and plays a crucial role in regulating hair cell growth, differentiation, and tissue repair.
  • Glycerine – maintains proper hydration levels of hair
  • BTMS-50 – conditions hairs to soften and smoothen hair strands
  • Almond oil – provides the essential nutrients and vitamins that support hair health.
  • Cactus oil extract – contains antioxidants and vitamins that nourish the scalp and hair follicles.


  • Promotes natural growth – stimulates the signalling of cells for regenerative capacity of hair follicles internally, by the body itself
  • Denser and thicker hair – as new hair follicles start to grow, they produce thicker and stronger hair strands. – Repairs hair cycle mechanism. So, gives thick hair pattern as minimizes the hair fall after a few months. Fill inner-deficiency using cell-based technology. Especially for Baldness.
  • Healthy Hair – prevents dryness, hair follicle damage, breakage of hair strands, etc.
  • Better texture – The glycerine in the cream, enhances the water restoration capacity of hair and gives a silky and bouncy texture.

As we await FDA evaluation, our commitment to quality and results aligns with GMP Grade and ISO-certified standards.

With Regenerative Hair Restoration Cream, you can achieve the hair you’ve always wanted!