Research and Development

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Know the waters before you tame the mighty ocean! Our scholars engage in holistic research practices, building our services on scientific quests so that you can trust the quality guaranteed.


Our unquenchable thirst for knowledge paves the way for revolutionary discoveries in advanced medication. That’s why Stemcelline spends a large part of our investment on the study, research, and development of stem cell therapy. All our labs are equipped with the latest technology equipment for efficient research and investigation.  Our continuous research in the field of regenerative cell therapy makes us the most reliable stem cell therapeutic brand. Our diligent team of international research scholars from universities like Sheffield and Oxford investigate the limitless possibilities of rejuvenating cell therapy, intending to guide the world towards a healthy future. AIIMS, IISc, and other top research institutes in India are offered a collaborative hand for research and development in the field of stem cell-based treatment. 


Stemcelline laboratories started with a mission to invent a cure for every hereditary, degenerative and incurable disease such as arthritis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, encephalopathy, and meningitis among many others rejected by traditional medication.


In our journey, we crossed significant milestones with the discovery of cruelty-free stem cell products with a potency of 10 times the regenerative capacity of normal human stem cells. Following the guidelines prescribed by the government of India, Stemcelline conducts clinical trials in laboratories across India and abroad to confirm the quality and efficiency of our stem cell products.

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