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Dear customer
The scope of the insurance cover is duly mentioned in the insurance certificate, any separate
written agreements and in these insurance terms and conditions. In these insurance terms and
conditions, policyholders and insured persons are referred to as “you”. You are a policyholder if
you have taken an insurance policy/ registered for an insurance policy with us. These insurance
terms and conditions apply to you as a policyholder or to you as an insured person. Your
insurance terms and conditions comprise of 3 (THREE) sections.

  1. Section I contains General Provision.
  2. Section II contains scope of insurance.
  3. Section III contains the full description of the types of benefits under insurance policy
    Section I – General provisions
  4. Policyholder, insurable persons and insurance eligibility1.1 The policyholder is any person who has agreed and registered for the policy with us.
    The insured person name will be clearly mentioned in the insurance certificate for
    whom the premium is paid.
    1.2 In case of minor, the Policyholder cannot claim for benefits before the child attains 5
    (FIVE) years of age.
    1.3 The insurance contract cannot be signed for persons who do not fulfil the
    requirements of Clauses 1.1 and 1.2, even if the premium is paid.
  5. Application for insurance, commencement, duration and termination of the policy
    and insurance cover
    2.1 The application for an insurance contract may be made at any time.
    2.2 The insurance contract is commenced when we receive the completed application
    form for this and send you confirmation of insurance. The application is only
    considered correctly completed when it contains all the requested information in an
    unambiguous and complete form.
    2.3 If clauses 2.1 or 2.2 are not met, the insurance contract is not valid even if the
    premium is paid. In this case, the person paying the premium is entitled to a refund.
  6. Commencement of insurance cover
    The insurance cover begins on the date indicated on the insurance certificate
    (commencement of insurance), after the waiting periods have elapsed. The prerequisite
    for this is that the policy is valid. No benefits are provided for insurance cases that arose
    before the start of insurance cover or before the waiting period elapsed.
  7. Duration
    The insurance applies for the agreed duration.
  8. Termination
    The statutory provisions concerning the right to termination for cause remain unaffected
    by these agreements. The insurance cover ends upon termination of the insurance
    contract. The insurance contract also ends for insured events not yet concluded or
  9. at the agreed time;
  10. with the death of the policyholder
  11. If the eligibility criteria are no longer met;
  12. In the event of repatriation to the nearest suitable hospital in your home country.
    Section II- Scope of Insurance
  13. Certificate for regenerative cell counts/ quality analysis reports using flowcytometry
    devices will be provided to the client whenever they claim for cell therapy on the day of
  14. Client’s and their medical practitioner’s full consent will be obtained on whether to avail
    for the autologous cell preparation or allogeneic cell culturing procedure.
  15. Zero collection charges for culturing stem cells from the matched umbilical cord tissue or
    cord blood.
  16. We only pay for One time fresh culturing and Preparation of stem cells
    Restrictions to insurance cover
  17. Additional charges levied by the hospital for admission
  18. Treatment formalities
  19. No Accidental and any Medical Financial support cover
  20. Operation threatre charges
  21. OPD Charges
  22. Other specialized services and medical interventions performed during the therapy.
    Section III- Information about this policy
    This policy is a contract between you and Stem care insurance company
    This is an insurance policy within the meaning of the relevant provincial legislation in India, and
    forms the entire contract between you and us, it includes
    a. This Policy
    b. Your completed application for insurance
    c. Any application we approve for reinstatement or to exercise an option under this policy;
    d. Any exclusion or other documents we attach with this policy
    Any statement that is not a part of this policy does not bind us, and no agent or person other
    than an officer of Stemcare Insurance Company can modify this policy. Any such
    modification must be clearly expressed in writing.
    If for any reason we fail to enforce a policy provision at the relevant date, we reserve the
    right to enforce that provision on later date.
    This policy has no cash value and does not pay any dividends.
    Limitation of Actions
    Every action or proceeding against an insurer for the recovery of insurance money payable
    under the contract is absolutely barred unless commenced within the time set out in the
    insurance Act(for actions or proceedings governed by the law of constitution of India), The
    Insurance Act, The Limitations Act.
    This agreement shall be governed by and constituted in accordance with the laws of India.
    Each Party hereby irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Faridabad
    for the adjudication of any dispute hereunder or in connection herewith.
    Disclaimer- Insurance services can only be claimed by the registered individuals/ members with
    their attached payment invoice copies / membership certificate. Choice of services and order
    once placed cannot be reverted or amended.
    Verified and signed by both the parties